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Today's open rotor propulsion systems are challenged by safety, noise, and performance limitations at all scales.

We fundamentally questioned how electricity should be converted to thrust and how that impacts noise.

Engineering a quieter, more considerate future

Noise is energy. By reducing noise, we’re able to reduce energy consumption and improve overall efficiency.

This means the technologies integrated across the propulsor not only allow for ultra low noise, but also more than 20% improvements in efficiency when compared to other ducted fans.

Silence you can see

Our electric propulsion technology is at least 100x quieter than any other propulsor on the market.
Whisper Aero noise comparison chart

Electric jet technology at all scales

We’ve engineered our propulsors to scale safely and efficiently for any size aircraft. We can help you integrate them in and around your airframe for missions of all kinds.


Designed to prove out our core technologies, eQ160 is a great match for Group 1 and 2 drones.

  • 10 lb thrust

  • 6.3” fan diameter

  • Group 1 & 2 drones


For drones that need more thrust without compromises in efficiency or noise, eQ250 is your solution. They’re distortion tolerant for podded and embedded configurations.

  • 72 lb thrust

  • 9.8” fan diameter

  • Group 3 drones

20dB quieter
than comparable quiet propulsion systems

By addressing this challenge head-on, our team has engineered electric propulsors that effectively minimize both noise pollution (100x quieter) and energy loss, creating a better experience for everyone (including animals).

Committed to clean, considerate propulsion

We believe that by conquering noise pollution, we can expand air mobility capabilities, unlock lower prices, and offer more reliable flight schedules regardless of aircraft size.

Moreover, our commitment to harnessing clean, efficient, and ultra-quiet air propulsion extends beyond the skies into creating a quieter, more considerate future for our planet, animals, and ourselves.

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Integrate our propulsors onto your  aircraft

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Leading the electric jet age

Our team has been at the forefront of electric flight engineering for over a decade.