Our electric engines

20 dB quieter and 20% more efficient

than comparable quiet propulsion systems.

Electric quiet engines at all scales

Our solutions scale safely and efficiently. We will work with you to tightly integrate our products with your platforms for missions of all kinds.


For lower thrust and lower cost applications, including commercial leaf blowers, delivery drones, and attritable defense assets.

  • 5+ lbf thrust

  • 5” fan diameter

  • <35 dBA at 100’


Designed to prove out our core technologies, the eQ160 propels Group 1 and 2 drones at high speeds with low acoustic footprint.

  • 10+ lbf thrust

  • 6” fan diameter

  • <37 dBA at 100’


For drones that need more thrust without compromising efficiency or noise, the eQ250 is distortion tolerant even for embedded integrations.

  • 70+ lbf thrust

  • 10” fan diameter

  • Group 3+ drones and fixed wing aircraft

Bespoke Solution

Partner with us to develop a new airframe designed to harness the full potential of our propulsor tech. We will design around your requirements for manufacturability, performance and platform integration.

Silence you can see

Whisper's propulsion technology has been designed from the very beginning to blend into the soundscapes of our daily lives. Competing electric propellers and ducted fans create harshness at multiple frequencies that annoy people and pets alike.
Whisper Aero noise comparison chart

Engineering a quieter, more considerate future

The scalability of Whisper’s core tech enables multiple product offerings, impacting all industries that move air.

Integrate our propulsion onto your platform

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