We are a next-gen electric propulsion company

creating cleaner, quieter, more efficient thrust.

At the forefront of electric propulsion for over a decade

With past experience at NASA, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Northrop Grumman, Joby Aviation, Kitty Hawk, General Electric, Pratt & Whitney, and Rolls Royce, our world class team has been leading the field of electric propulsion for more than a decade.

Our Mission

Deliver cleaner, quieter, more efficient electric thrust at scale.

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Mark Moore

Co-Founder, CEO
NASA, Uber Elevate

In his 30+ years at NASA, Mark pioneered Distributed Electric Propulsion technology for UAVs, CTOLs, and VTOLs and led the Puffin, GL-10, LeapTech, and X-57  projects from concept to flight. After NASA, Mark co-founded Uber Elevate, attracting $7B in worldwide investment. Understanding that noise is the barrier to scale, Mark co-founded Whisper to deliver quiet thrust for next generation aircraft.

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Ian Villa

Co-Founder, COO, CPO
Uber Elevate, Northrop Grumman

Ian brings experience from Northrup Grumman Advanced design, where he worked on manned and unmanned aircraft for subsonic and supersonic flight. Ian continues to drive aviation thought leadership, landing him on the 2022 Forbes 30 Under 30 list, eVTOL Insights 2022 Power Book, #7 on the 2024 Aviation Business Influencer list, and 2024 Nashville Dealmaker of the Year.

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Devon Jedamski

Chief Engineer
Northrop Grumman, Rolls Royce

Devon brings experience from Northrop Grumman Advanced Design, where he led over $25 million in DoD contracts focusing on novel aircraft propulsion integration concepts ranging from low speed hybrid-electric aircraft to supersonic jet aircraft. He holds a Master's degree from MIT and his background spans numerous disciplines relevant to electric aircraft design.

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15+ years of leading the electric jet age

Our propulsion technology is the culmination of  years of research and development, resulting in the quietest, safest, and most efficient electric propulsion technology available.


The Birth of Distributed Electric Propulsion

Distributed electric propulsion (DEP) was introduced to the world when Mark Moore unveiled the Puffin, a personal VTOL air vehicle concept, while at NASA. For the first time, the world caught a glimpse at how electric propulsion might transform everyday flight.

Whisper Aero Plane


First Flight of a Distributed Electric Propulsion Drone, GL-10

Mark and his team at NASA proved out the benefits of DEP on an electric vertical takeoff and landing drone (eVTOL) called GL-10. Multiple flights and wind tunnel tests of this tilt-wing concept were conducted across twelve prototypes.

Whisper Aero Plane


Scaling Up Distributed Electric Propulsion with LEAPTech

After GL-10, Mark and his colleagues at NASA set out to prove electric propulsion could transform larger aircraft with LEAPTech. This was the first large-scale distributed electric propulsion blown wing tested in the desert atop a “Mad Max” looking truck.

Electric Propulsion


NASA’s X-57, the First Crewed X-Plane in Over Two Decades

The LEAPTech tests convinced NASA that an all-electric X-plane was possible, and thus, X-57 was born. X-57 was built from a modified Tecnam P2006T, with 14 electric motors and propellers rolled out across four major phases of testing.

Whisper Aero Plane


Fast-Forwarding to a Future of On-Demand Urban Air Transportation at Uber Elevate

Once Mark realized that distributed electric propulsion was mature enough for industry, he left NASA to co-found Uber Elevate, Uber’s aviation division. While there, he and Ian Villa worked closely to mature eVTOLs and the infrastructure of electric flight at multiple companies.

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Piloting Uber Eats Deliveries Through the Sky

The Elevate team demonstrated the first Uber Eats beyond visual line of sight delivery through the sky in San Diego with McDonald’s. Mark and Ian helped design and develop custom drone solutions, leveraging the benefits of electric propulsion, for Uber Eats deliveries at scale.

Whisper Aero Plane


Whisper Aero, the Next Generation of Electric Thrust

Mark Moore and Ian Villa co-founded Whisper Aero to develop the next generation of electric thrust for the everyday flight of people and things, for everyone.

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Quieter Flights Through the Sky

In less than eight months, the Whisper Aero team designed, built, and flew a custom demonstrator drone with its eQ160 propulsor, validating the first principles of its safer, ultra-quiet, efficient electric jet technologies.

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Unveiling Whisper Aero to the world

We emerged from stealth at the June 2023 AIAA AVIATION conference by showcasing three years of hard work through four papers, a major keynote, and multiple reveals.

Join the team leading the electric jet age