The quietest way to move air

We fundamentally challenged how to convert electricity into thrust, resulting in cleaner, quieter, and more efficient operation without compromises.

Next generation ultra-quiet propulsion

Made in USA

Our electric engines are built with precision and care in the heart of Tennessee.  We are proud to lead the electric jet age alongside local universities, agencies, and laboratories.

Where it all began

Whisper grew out of a 20 acre resort turned secret lab in Crossville, TN in 2020. For two years, the team was able to live, work, and play in a town that welcomed them with open arms.

Freedom to experiment

Early ground tests evolved into flight tests at Rockwood Airport, showing that Whisper’s propulsion innovations were not only quiet on the ground, but silent in flight.

Support at all levels

As the Whisper team scaled, so too did its base of supporters at local, county, and state levels. A Nashville office was stood up to tap into the state’s growing tech and entrepreneurial community.

Soaring to new heights

An 8,000 square foot Whisper Flight Test Center was recently funded by the State of Tennessee to support the company’s increased ground and flight test efforts in Crossville.

Strength in state partnerships

Join the team leading the electric jet age