Next Generation Propulsion

Considerable power. Considerate tech.

Pioneering a more compelling and connected future by delivering cleaner, quieter, and more efficient propulsion solutions.

“The future needs to be as considerate as it is compelling.”

— Robert Downey Jr.

We believe the technologies that will shape our future must be simultaneously powerful and discreet—empowering a new era of movement.

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Whisper Aero plane

Meet our first generation of electric jets.

We fundamentally questioned how electricity should be converted to thrust. Every component has been carefully considered with ultra low noise and efficiency from the beginning.

Engineering a quieter, more efficient future

Noise pollution and energy loss significantly hinder the adoption of regional electric flight as well as drone deliveries. So we engineered our electric jets to be 20% more efficient and 100x quieter than anything else on the market.

Whisper Aero at airport
Vision Vehicle

Innovating the future of everyday flight

Throughout history, propulsion innovation has been the catalyst for remarkable transformations in flight and transportation.

With our powerful and considerate jet technology, we’re envisioning a world where electric aviation opens doors for new communities to connect, transcending distance and ensuring that flying every day is within reach for everyone.

Join the team leading the electric jet age

Our team has been at the forefront of electric propulsion for over a decade.