Everyday travel reimagined

We’re building a world where electric aviation opens doors for new communities to connect, transcending distance and ensuring that flying every day is within reach for everyone.

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What is regional air mobility?

Regional Air Mobility (RAM) revolutionizes short-to-medium distance travel through advancements in electric flight and optimized concepts of operations. By integrating aviation technologies, renewable energy, and small airports into multimodal operations, we can enhance high-speed accessibility for passengers and cargo, connecting distant communities and fostering seamless interconnectedness among cities, suburbs, and rural areas.

Safety enhancing

Eliminating single part criticality through propulsion redundancy, and improving operational safety with ducted fans.


Utilizing the existing 5,000 US small airports to increase accessibility to high-speed travel and overcome congestion and land scarcity constraints.


Dramatically reducing energy and maintenance costs  while improving speed by 4x to provide cost competitiveness with automobiles.


Employing ultra-quiet propulsion to ensure community friendliness, and leveraging sustainable electricity to reduce emissions.

Enabling the airplanes of tomorrow

We designed Whisper's eQ engines with the end goal of decarbonizing aviation through aircraft that are sustainably conscious and economically viable. Our technology will propel trips between 50 and 500 miles by 2030 and much longer regional travel by 2050.

2030 vision concept

The Whisper Jet is our vision for more enjoyable regional flight. The aircraft utilizes the unique aeropropulsive benefits of our eQ engines to enable best in class noise and performance.

  • MTOW: 12,500 lb

  • Payload: 2,400 lb (9 PAX)

  • Cruise Speed: 250+ kts

  • FAA Part 23 certifiable

  • All-electric range: 200 mi

  • Hybrid range: 500+ mi

2050 vision concept

The Whisper Jetliner is a 100 seat regional jet concept that allows us to explore how we will achieve net-zero carbon flights by 2050.

  • MTOW: 160,000 lb

  • Payload: 22,350 lb (100 PAX)

  • Cruise Speed: 0.7M

  • FAA Part 25 certifiable

  • Passenger-cargo conversion

  • Range: 1,000+ mi

Step changes in propulsion precede step changes in aviation

With our powerful and considerate jet technology, we’re envisioning a world where electric aviation is capable of moving people and things at speeds and efficiencies never before imagined.

We’re looking for airframe partners to make regional air mobility a reality

OEMs, look no further.

Email mobility@whisper.aero

On a mission to make Tennessee the first RAM-enabled state

At Whisper, we are energized every day by the potential of regional air mobility. That’s why we launched ReConnecTN (pronounced “reconnectin’”), a cross-disciplinary coalition committed to bringing multimodal sustainable regional transportation to Tennessee. Together with our industry, local, and state government partners, we are working to position the Volunteer State at the forefront of innovation in the mobility, aviation, and energy sectors.

Email reconnectn@whisper.aero to learn more