Integrate tightly, deploy quickly

Our world-class engineers have pioneered a multidisciplinary design framework that allows for rapid development, reducing integration timelines by more than 75 percent. We integrate our propulsion while balancing various design considerations including:

  • Aerodynamics

  • Acoustics

  • Economics

  • Mass Properties

  • Mechanical Design

  • Payload

  • Performance

  • Powertrain

Outspeed and overmatch

Whisper’s propulsion enables ultra-quiet flights with greater efficiency at higher speeds. This opens the door to new C-UAS defense drones, multi-mission CTOL jets, high speed VTOL aircraft, and more.

Ultra-quiet ISR drone

Our team designed, built, and flew a custom Group II demonstrator drone in eight months to validate our propulsion. The drone showcases the ultra-quiet performance of our eQ engines and our ability to integrate them optimally for ISR, SIGINT, and EW missions.


  • Inaudible standoff: 250 ft

  • Range: 99+ nmi

  • Loiter Speed: 45 kts

  • Span: 12 ft

  • Payload: 5 lb

  • MTOW: 55 lbs

Next-gen caravan

Jetfoil integration of our eQ engines onto larger aircraft enable operations in austere environments where minimizing acoustic footprint is mission critical.


  • Ultra-quiet takeoff, overflight and landing

  • Hybrid range: 500+ mi

  • Cruise speed: 250+ kts

  • Passenger-cargo conversion

  • Payload: 2,400 lb (9 PAX)

  • MTOW: 12,500 lb

Secure your tactical edge

Connect with one of our integration engineers for tailored engine development to meet your mission needs.